Our Capabilities

Utilizing Tekla Structures software and armed with vast experience in the steel
detailing industry we can provide your fabrication needs. We can supply your
shop the following:

Work Process

Here at JMN Techdraft we can help you with your tender or estimate
requirements. From your tender documents and drawings we can create a 3D stick
model and generate material lists and reports specific to your requirements.

Client Needs

After our initial meeting, we begin by thoroughly reviewing the project requirements. Understanding the project's scope and objectives is crucial.



Based on the project's specifications and directions, we create detailed structural layouts and plans, depicting the arrangement and positioning of steel components within the structure.



Using Tekla, we translate the 2D plans into 3D models, allowing for a more comprehensive visualization. We will meticulously add precise measurements and dimensions ensuring accurate fabrication and installation of steel elements during construction.


Creative Outputs

Detailed shop drawings, material lists with quantities, and quality checks will provided before the final review and delivery of the detailed package.


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